As part of our commitment to community safety and wellbeing, Club Tarneit strongly advocates for the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). As a cornerstone of our operational ethos, we strive to uphold our RSA obligations in every aspect of our service. We expect all our managers and staff members to strictly adhere to and uphold the prevailing regulations in delivering their responsibilities.

Strategic Purpose

The purpose of this policy is twofold:

1. To provide staff with a clear understanding of their obligations related to responsible alcohol service.

2. To provide management with guidelines to handle individuals who fail to adhere to the policy rules.


All staff members are required to comply with the following stipulations:

· Servicing an inebriated person is unlawful. You play a vital role here. If you observe a club member or guest in an intoxicated state, immediately inform the Duty Manager and take suitable action. We value our members and guests, and their satisfaction is crucial to our business. Always maintain a courteous demeanor, even when enforcing the law. Staff members reserve the right to refuse service to an intoxicated patron, and management cannot compel them to serve such a person. The final assessment and service to the customer will be the responsibility of the Manager.

· Permitting a drunken person to stay on the premises is illegal. As before, consult with the Manager before undertaking any action. Discretion is key. Evicting members or guests from our licensed premises carries inherent risk and is best handled by Management or specially appointed staff members. If any intoxicated individuals are identified in the gaming room, they should be removed as per the Gaming Machine Act.

· It is illegal to let a quarrelsome person stay on the premises. Everyone has the right to enjoy their time at our club without fear or discomfort. Always consult the Manager before taking action. If you have to remove a member or guest, have Security complete their Incident Book and document the occurrence in the Managers Diary.

· Alcohol may not be served outside of the hours specified on the license. Members or guests have thirty minutes post trading hours to finish their drinks, during which no service should take place. Our trading hours are from 8am to 1am, Monday to Sunday.

Serving alcohol to those under 18 years old is illegal. Acceptable proof of age documents include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Australian or Foreign Passport
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Commonwealth Key Pass Card
  • Learners Permit


Note: Birth Certificate, Student Cards, and statutory declarations are not acceptable proofs of age. If a customer appears to be under 25, kindly ask for their ID. If they cannot provide ID, they should be escorted out of the venue.

· Serving or providing alcohol to a minor is illegal. Always remember never to serve alcohol to minors, even if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian, or consuming a meal.

· Drunkenness should always be discouraged. Encourage members or guests to eat while drinking, preferably well before they become intoxicated. Keep an eye on their alcohol consumption and intervene appropriately.

· Double shots are against our Venue Policy. Double shots should not be served under any circumstance.

· Monitor individual alcohol consumption and pace. Be alert for signs of intoxication as different drinkers have different alcohol tolerances. If you have concerns, refer the situation to Management. Suggest low or no-alcohol alternatives or serving smaller quantities in a group setting.

· Communicate with other staff members about potentially problematic customers. At the start and end of your shift, confer with other staff members about any potential issues.

· Discourage members or guests who have been drinking from driving. Early intervention is our policy. If you suspect someone is intoxicated, discourage them from driving and offer to call a cab. In case of urgent situations, inform the Duty Manager and take all reasonable actions to prevent the intoxicated person from driving.

· Record all incidents in the Security Incident Register and the Managers Diary. This includes evictions, refusal of service, altercations, and injuries. Ensure the entry is signed by the concerned staff member and the Manager.

· Staff Assistance. If you need assistance regarding alcohol-related issues, please consult the General Manager or the Operations Manager for confidential guidance.

REMEMBER: Always refer matters to the Duty Manager. Maintain calm and politeness. Be discreet, speak softly, and, if possible, privately. Avoid aggression and violence.


This policy is readily available to all staff members who are encouraged to actively engage and provide feedback. They are always kept informed about any changes made to the policy.

Monitoring and Review

The organisation commits itself to an annual review of this policy. This involves an assessment of the policy’s effectiveness, which is achieved through workers’ feedback and a comprehensive review by management. The management’s review is meant to ascertain whether objectives have been met, as well as identify potential barriers and facilitators to the policy’s continued implementation